Student Transit Management
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Cost to School Districts

Our #1 goal is to keep our students safe

We designed BusGuard to address the major security & safety needs of the student transit
industry as well as the logistical issues of fleet management and performance.

The Problems Our Children Face

Assault and illegal passing put our children in danger on a daily basis, but almost always occur away from the watchful eye of administration and law enforcement. Other problems are just as serious and often ignored poor driver behavior, pedophiles & kidnapping, emergency health issues, and students left behind on buses.

BusGuard helps address major transit issues

BusGuard protects students with a full suite of cameras and sensors on every bus
in your fleet, combined with emergency alerts and live monitoring capability.

BusGuard Features

A full suite of technologies
including GPS, interior & exterior
cameras, microphones, fingerprint
readers, and more.

BusGuard Features

Easy Deployment

FXS guides you through the entire
process, from initial fleet survey, to
training, and passing
local enabling ordinances.

Busguard Deployment

Why Choose BusGuard?

See for yourself why BusGuard is
the industry leader with our
comprehensive stop arm industry

Why BusGuard?