BusGuard Features

State of the art hardware & software

DVR Capacity
Days of Datalogging
Traffic Cameras
Interior Cameras
Cost to School Districts

The Industry-Leading Hardware Suite

BusGuard is fully customized to each school district’s individual needs. Essential safety features are standard, and a range of options allow you to build exactly the system you need. Our in-house experts start with a detailed fleet assessment to help guide you through the process.

FXS Panic Buton

Driver can signal an emergency by using a small button located near the driver’s foot or mounted on equipment panel.

FXS BusGuard Brain

A customized, scalable system for the harsh transit environment, including a 2TB DVR for 22 days of data logging and a 4g LTE modem for live communications.

FXS Automatic Vehicle Locator

The AVL’s GPS and Accelerometer system reports live telemetry data that is also archived for historical reports.

FXS Interior Cameras

3 Interior cameras cover all passengers, driver, and door well. Video is constantly recording and can be accessed live or from the included DVR’s archive.

FXS Traffic Manager

Multiple stop arm cameras monitor traffic across four lanes in both directions. Monitoring staff witness violations, process evidence, and forward infractions to law enforcement.

FXS BusGuard Tablet with Student Manifest (optional)

Our rugged tablet provides turn-by-turn navigation, keeps accurate driver & ridership information with its student manifest, and can be used as a back-up camera monitor.

FXS Driver Direct Link (optional)

The FXS Driver Direct Link VOIP system allows real time communication via 3G/4G cellular and can be used for risk management, safety, and training purposes.

FXS Exterior Cameras (optional)

Our exterior facing cameras  capture and record the rearward view, passenger loading zone, and the view out the windshield and can help identify suspicious vehicles following the bus.

Always Up-To-Date Cloud Based Software

BusGuard leverages the power of the cloud to make fleet management, citation management and data
review both powerful and simple- plus new features and upgrades are deployed automatically.

Historical Reporting

BusGuard tracks vital data over time to create historical reports for effective fleet management. Our departure , arrival, and time point adherence reporting ensures timely transit, while erratic driving and speeding reports encourages safe driving. Finally our snail trail mapping shows your fleet’s actual routes and our engine idle reporting increases efficiency.

Instant Alerts

Our Exclusive instant alert system uses sensory data to generate instant text or email alerts to potential trouble. Alerts include Red Alert- a silent alarm for situations requiring immediate attention, Off-route reporting, high speed and erratic driving alerts, and a collision alert.

Traffic Citation Management

BusGuard includes AlertBus- our simple, yet powerful citation management platform. Authorized agents called VidCops are able to view the stop arm cameras from any connected bus and flag violations. The offenses are sent to law enforcement officials who approve each citation.