Public Transit Management
Miles Monitored Daily
Daily Ridership
Hours of Video Storage
Monitor Cameras

The Future of Efficient Transit Management

ONGO Live is a one-of-a-kind solution for the security risks and operating issues facing
modern Metro Transit Agencies. See the hardware suite below:

Interior Monitors

Interior cameras cover all students inside vehicle, as well as the driver and door well. Video is constantly recording, but can be accessed live as well.

Two-Way Voice Over IP

Administration is able to listen to and speak to passengers on the bus from a remote location over the internet.

Driver Emergency Button

Driver can signal an emergency by using a small button located near the driver ‘s foot or mounted on equipment panel.

Automatic Vehicle Locator

The AVL’s GPS and Accelerometer system reports live telemetry data that is also archived for historical reports.

Exterior Monitors

Exterior Cameras cover the front and rear doorways and the left side of the vehicle. Video is archived in case of collision, unsafe driving, or illegal activity.

Automatic Stop Announcement

Audio announcement is triggered by GPS coordinates and can be programmed to announce any message.

Engine Kill

Engine can be remotely shut down if the bus has been idling for too long or in case of emergencies involving hijacking or terrorism

ONGO Live Brain

A customized, scalable system for the harsh transit environment, including a 500gb DVR for 22 days of data logging and a 3g/4g modem for live communications.

System Integration That Works For You

The best hardware in the world is useless without the right software and integration.
That’s why ONGO Live is finely tuned to deliver the maximum benefit to transit agencies and riders alike.

Electronic Rollout Report

An automatic daily vehicle rollout report which can be updated in real-time over the course of the day and is searchable by date, driver, vehicle number, etc.

On-Time & Off-Route Check

Administration is alerted in when a vehicle is repeatedly behind schedule or off route. Alerts are generated in real-time and are archived for reports.

Next Arrival Time System (NATS)

Next arrival time can delivered live to your riders via stop-mounted screens or via phone app or text message.

Automatic Data Download

All data, video and alerts can be automatically downloaded when vehicle returns to bus yard (WiFi network is required).

Custom Emergency Output

In case of emergency, engine can be killed, door(s) can be opened, and a sound blast can be initiated remotely.

Vehicle Diagnostics

The AVL’s GPS and Accelerometer system reports live telemetry data that is also archived for historical reports.


Terrorism & Hijacking Provisions

In event of emergency, the control of the management system can be transferred to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The system can be used to assess the severity of the situation, communicate with those on-board, disable the vehicle if desired, disorient the perpetrators, and board and retake control of the vehicle safely.

Evacuation Utility

All of ONGO Live’s features—and more—can be cross-utilized to make the public transit bus an effective means of transportation during regional evacuations. The Busguard Evacuator will provide faster registration, safer travel, real-time tracking of passengers, and will eliminate the major expense of bringing in buses for an evacuation.

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