About FxS

The Company Behind the Tech

Our Mission is to Increase Safety and Efficiency

Force Multiplier Solution, Inc. (FXS) is a company headquartered in Dallas, TX specializing in comprehensive,
scalable on-board operating systems for the student transit and public transit industries.

How and Why We’re Here

The coordinated terrorist attacks that took place in the London transit system in 2005 exposed significant weaknesses to the safety & security systems used in the transportation industry. A more proactive approach was needed, but the logistical constraints of placing police officers on every vehicle proved to be impractical if not impossible.

Force Multiplier Solutions answered the call- developing the first ever comprehensive, fully scalable, bundled solutions product specifically designed to concurrently address the major security and safety needs of the transportation industry as well as the logistical issues associated with driver performance, fleet managment, and on time performance.

FXS Timeline

2005 ONGO Live, Inc. was founded in LA
2006 ONGO Live public transit management debuts and was deployed on buses and streetcars in Louisiana
2007  School Bus Safety Program debuts in LA and ONGO Live becomes the first company in the nation to issue a stop arm citation
2011 Company rebrands as Force Multiplier Solutions (FXS)
2012 FXS issues first citation in Texas and opens new office in Dallas, TX
2013 FXS issues its 50,000th citation
2014 FXS enters strategic partnership with Texserve

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